Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Pennsylvania-commonwealth LEGO art by Sean Kenney
30" x 40" x 98"        55,450 LEGO elements.        Completed November 24, 2014

This replica of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Statue known as “Miss Penn” was commissioned by the city of Harrisburg PA and stands proudly at their visitors’ center.

The sculpture is 8.5 feet tall, contains 55,450 LEGO pieces, and took my team and I over 1,000 hours to design and construct during the summer of 2014.


IMG_5509 IMG_5512 IMG_5516 IMG_5519 IMG_5548 IMG_5565  IMG_5582 IMG_5599 IMG_5612


Building it

Working from a miniature model of the statue and lots of photos, my assistant Jung Ah spent two months designing the sculpture.  It took a team of five additional people 760 hours over the course of two months to build the steel-reinforced sculpture.  The complex curves, precarious dangling ribbons, and detailed face all added to the complexity.

But the most complicated part was because the sculpture is too tall to fit inside a truck.  She was designed to separate mid-way into two sections…  Normally this a straightforward process, but this statue holds an 8-foot tall steel staff that could not be cut in half.  We ended up building the sculpture in three parts (top, bottom, and arm+staff) which were combined together onsite in Harrisburg as part of the installation.

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