Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
Praying mantis     ‹ Back to portfolio
Praying-mantis LEGO art by Sean Kenney
24" x 59" x 60"        42,164 LEGO elements.        Completed May 22, 2014
Come visit! This sculpture is part of Nature Connects, my award-winning, record-breaking exhibit of LEGO sculptures, currently touring the U.S. and Canada. Read more and come visit!

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Building it

My assistant Arielle spent two months building this sculpture.  It has a steel bar inside to hold it down to the ground outdoors in wind and weather.  Measuring LEGO bricks (below) between the two steel bars is an oddly slow, mathy, and head-stractching process that never seems to go right the first 4 times.  The black-and-white bar below is one of our many “LEGO rulers”, a measuring device that we’ve built out of LEGO bricks to count out long distances.




Everything was easier once Spiderman started helping.