Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Toronto-marriott LEGO art by Sean Kenney
19" x 22.5" x 5"        4,782 LEGO elements.        Completed May 19, 2014

As part of an ongoing series of projects with Marriott, since 2010 we’ve been creating models of Marriott hotels which are presented as excellence awards for their business partners.

This hotel is located in Toronto.

12 11

This building is one of the craziest, zig-zaggiest, unsymmetricalist, jumbleblockiest-est buildings we’ve ever made.  Facades that come in and out! Crazy patterns!  Setbacks with soffits!  Asymmetrical cornices! Everyone who worked on this model building now looks like Marty Feldman.

But at least it has a swimming pool.



9 8



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