Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Zebra-and-wildebeest LEGO art by Sean Kenney
38 x 73 x 68" and 39 x 85 x 60"        58,139 and 66,665 LEGO elements.        Completed May 10, 2016

Zebra 1 (1)

I was fortunate to visit the Serengeti during the great wildebeest migration in 2005 and watched as zebras stood scanning for danger while the wildebeest ate.  This species interaction, the zebras’ ability to warn the wildebeest of danger while receiving protection from the massive wildebeest herd, continues to fascinate me.

Zebra 2 (1)

Come visit! This sculpture is part of Nature Connects, my award-winning, record-breaking exhibit of sculptures built with LEGO bricks, currently touring the U.S. and Canada, Read more and come visit!

Zebra 2

Zebra 9Zebra 3 (1)  Zebra 4 (1)    Zebra 6 (1)

Zebra 5

Zebra 7Zebra 6


Zebra 13

Zebra 11

Zebra 12




Building them

These two sculptures contain over 124,000 LEGO pieces together and took a combined 875 hours to design and build together with my assistants Geoffrey, Valerie, Sutton, and Natsuki.

Zebra 11 (1)

Above, Valerie and Sutton work on the bodies of the sculptures while Natsuki, below, designs the face of the Wildebeest.

Zebra 9 (1)

Just as these two sculptures were shipping out, a class of preschoolers walked by my Brooklyn studio and saw us!  The very amused and confused schoolteachers stopped to ask lots of questions and the children got to touch the sculptures and watch them load into the truck!

Zebra 10 (1)

Zebra 1