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World of Bugs is a brand-new exhibition from artist Sean Kenney, creator of the award-winning, record-breaking exhibition Nature Connects, that explores the amazing unseen world of insects and the environments they call home. Featuring 15–20 awe-inspiring sculptures made from LEGO® bricks, World of Bugs is positively crawling with imagination, innovation, and entertainment!
Kenney's enormous, ambitious, gravity-defying, and astoundingly precise structures will immerse guests in an oversized insect world-inviting them to experience the everyday life of some of our world's tiniest creatures. Whether fluttering and fast or slithering and slimy, World of Bugs takes visitors on a journey that explores bizarre bug behaviors and intricate insect structures through the lens of one of the world's most popular toy building blocks. From the stunningly slender preying mantis to the creepy carnivorous venus fly trap; from the busy buzzing bumble bee to the lovely ladybug—World of Bugs shows how even the smallest among us can make a big impact on our world.