Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Photo of Engagement portrait
25" x 30"        5,100 LEGO elements.        Completed November 28, 2009
LEGO engagement portrait by Sean Kenney

Having previously purchased my bride and groom wedding cake toppers, this couple also decided to commission a LEGO portrait based on an engagement photo that they had taken prior to their wedding. The bold colors of the bride-to-be's hair and the folds and contours of their clothes were really fun to draw. I also like the way the greens and grays and reds and tans all balance each other out, with just the little touch of blue in each of their eyes.

Engagement portrait built with LEGO bricks by Sean Kenney

As always, these are hand-drawn (not computer-generated) and mounted to a wooden backing similar to a canvas painting.

25" x 30"