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With a LEGO brick artist Sean Kenney can create a work of art.  With legos brickartist SeanKenney cancreate awork ofart.
Sean Kenney : full-time LEGO artist / LEGO sculptor.  Commission a LEGO sculpture built by reknown LEGO artist Sean Kenney.
Sean Kenney's art of the brick built LEGO times square sculpture is amazing.
Buy LEGO sculptures, LEGO models, LEGO architecture, and LEGO portraits, built by a LEGO master builder.
As seen around the world on TV, in the news, at events, and more.  Currently accepting commissions.
Sean can build sculptures with LEGO pieces at your event, for your magazine, your show, and for your home or office.
Nature Connects: Sean Kenney's award-winning, record-breaking exhibition.  Now on tour across North America, Asia, and Europe Wall art, built with LEGO bricks from Sean Kenney 'Cool Creations in 101 pieces', Sean's eighth children's book Handmade, fully functional LEGO Lamps from Sean Kenney : 5 styles and 10 colors Sean Kenney presents The LEGO Movie: Spaceship!  Learn how to become a Master Builder
Sean Kenney uses LEGO toys to create award-winning exhibits, portraiture, children's books, home decor, and commissioned artwork.   More about Sean


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