Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Cool Creations in 101 pieces, the LEGO book by Sean Kenney Cool Creations in 35 pieces, the LEGO book by Sean Kenney LEGO board book : Amazing ABC, by Sean Kenney LEGO idea book : Cool Castles, by Sean Kenney a LEGO idea book : Cool City, by Sean Kenney (2011) LEGO book : Cool Robots, by Sean Kenney (2010) the LEGO book : Cool Cars and Trucks, by Sean Kenney (2009)
Other LEGO books featuring Sean (Sold via
The LEGO Book
Hardcover 200 page history and gallery of LEGO company, products, and fans. 1 page features Sean. (2009)
The Shatner Show
Hardcover 128 page photo book from a 2007 art gallery exhibition. 5 pages feature Sean. (2007)
50 Years of LEGO Bricks
Hardcover 64-page retrospective on the history of LEGO . 5 pages feature Sean. (2008)