Sean Kenney: Art with LEGO bricks
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Corn-spider LEGO art by Sean Kenney
19" x 38" x 60"        16,492 LEGO elements.        Completed March 29, 2015

Come visit! This sculpture is part of Nature Connects, my award-winning, record-breaking exhibit of LEGO sculptures, currently touring the U.S. and Canada, Read more and come visit!


This giant creepy corn spider hangs from the ceiling, designed to look like it’s descending from its spun web.  The sculpture is over 5 feet tall, contains 16,492 LEGO pieces, and took 135 hours to construct.

Test_0018 Test_0021  Test_0027 (1)



Building it

This creepy guy took 135 hours to design and construct.  He was designed in such a way that the legs opportunistically cross each other to reduce the chance that they would break over time.  The sculpture has a custom-welded metal armature that connects with a hook at the top so it can be hung from the ceiling.



My assistant Evan, below, built two copies of this sculpture (so, 270 hours then!).  He fabricated a custom wood jig to sit the sculpture on while he built it, since it does not have a flat bottom.






This sculpture will now spend the next 6 years traveling to Botanical Gardens and Arboretums around the world as part of my Nature Connects exhibit.  Check out the schedule and see if it’s visiting you soon!



I thought it would make a most intriguing hat, but instead it ate my brain.