Interactive activities
Interactive activities
Award-winning exhibition
World-reknown artwork
World-reknown artist
Award-winning artist
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Shapeshifting, super-strength, defying gravity, and regenerating limbs — the animal kingdom is teeming with real-life super powers. Combined with Sean Kenney’s own astounding ability to create striking and expressive works of art using simple LEGO toys, the enormous, ambitious, and magical sculptures are certain to encourage visitors of all ages to view their world in new ways.

Chock-full of science, beautiful artwork, interactive displays and hands-on play areas, Animal Super Powers is an experience that draws attention to nature and the unseen world around us.

LEGO ART IN Rochester
LEGO IN Rochester
"Inspiring", "artistic", and "ambitious", "Kenney has perfected his ability to capture the essence of different species."
Smithsonian Magazine
Praise for "Nature Connects"
Smithsonian Magazine
"Bound to make visitors stare"
Praise for "Nature Connects"
"Through his use of vibrant colors and bold style, Kenney is pushing the boundaries of the medium in his latest exhibition."
The Palm Beach Post
Praise for "Nature POP!"
"Each sculpture touches people as both a reflection from their childhood and as a sculptural piece of art."
The Daily Mail
Praise for "Nature Connects"
The Daily Mail
"This is taking something so simple and turning it into something truly amazing and inspiring."
The Palm Beach Post
Praise for "Nature POP!"
"Stunning ... lovely ... dazzling", and "grandiose"
Praise for "Nature Connects"
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Sep 27, 2024
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Past cities
Cities around the world that have hosted Animal Super Powers
LaSalle, Ontario
Closed on April 6, 2024
Central Kansas
Closed on September 10, 2023
Los Angeles
Closed on May 29, 2023
St Louis
Closed on January 16, 2023
Quebec City
Closed on May 30, 2022
Canadian premiere  
Closed on January 7, 2022
World premiere  
Closed on September 7, 2021
Closed on August 22, 2021
New York City
Preview City  
Closed on September 2, 2019
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Sean Kenney's art with LEGO* bricks
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Imagine Exhibitions