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Cool Creations in 101 pieces, the LEGO book by Sean Kenney Cool Creations in 35 pieces, the LEGO book by Sean Kenney LEGO board book : Amazing ABC, by Sean Kenney LEGO idea book : Cool Castles, by Sean Kenney a LEGO idea book : Cool City, by Sean Kenney (2011) LEGO book : Cool Robots, by Sean Kenney (2010) the LEGO book : Cool Cars and Trucks, by Sean Kenney (2009)
Other LEGO books featuring Sean (Sold via Amazon.com)
The LEGO Book
Hardcover 200 page history and gallery of LEGO company, products, and fans. 1 page features Sean. (2009)
The Shatner Show
Hardcover 128 page photo book from a 2007 art gallery exhibition. 5 pages feature Sean. (2007)
50 Years of LEGO Bricks
Hardcover 64-page retrospective on the history of LEGO . 5 pages feature Sean. (2008)