Visitors enjoy Sean's previous exhibit, "Nature Connects"
Interactive activities
Interactive activities
Award-winning exhibition
World-reknown artwork
World-reknown artist
Award-winning artist
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This immersive and interactive experience explores the intersection of creativity and science through hands-on activities and captivating art made with LEGO bricks by acclaimed artist Sean Kenney.

Embark on journey as an apprentice to uncover the art process and scientific principles behind the creation of art with LEGO bricks.

You'll learn what it takes to design and build amazing creations with LEGO bricks and become a master builder yourself.

LEGO ART IN Greater Sudbury, Ontario
LEGO IN Greater Sudbury, Ontario
"The exhibition demonstrates what a talented grown-up can do with LEGO"
The New York Times
Praise for Sean Kenney's "LEGO: A Celebration"
The New York Times
"Inspiring", "artistic", and "ambitious", "Kenney has perfected his ability"
Smithsonian Magazine
Praise for Sean Kenney's "Nature Connects"
Smithsonian Magazine
"Each sculpture touches people as both a reflection from their childhood and as a sculptural piece of art."
The Daily Mail
Praise for Sean Kenney's "Nature Connects"
The Daily Mail
"Through his use of vibrant colors and bold style, Kenney is pushing the boundaries of the medium in his latest exhibition."
The Palm Beach Post
Praise for Sean Kenney's "Nature POP!"
BRICK MASTERS STUDIO invites you to learn all about shape, structure, color, design, and the intersection of science and art through fun activities and one-of-a-kind sculptures built with LEGO bricks.

You'll journey through a real artist’s eye-popping workshop and learn firsthand how creativity and exploration can lead to incredible discoveries and innovations. Immerse yourself in play through engaging activities and discover the transformative power of creativity and innovation.

Brick Masters Studio is a brand new exhibition, premiering in 2025. Sean's previous award-winning exhibitions have delighted millions of guests in cities around the world for over 10 years. As the exhibit is currently under development, some details are subject to change.
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Sean Kenney's art with LEGO* bricks
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Imagine Exhibitions