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Lives cut short
On May 23, 2022, twenty-one lives ended far too soon in Uvalde TX. In the days after the senseless mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, I created these portraits of the children and teachers that lost their lives.

Together with volunteers in the area, I donated copies to all of the families.
I chose to highlight each child in a way that showed their energy, vibrancy, and joy.

I also intentionally left many pieces missing from the portraits, to symbolize these lives that have been senselessly cut short; their stories are paintings that will never be finished.
The senseless violence of American gun culture must stop.
I was profoundly hit by the impact of this massacre... my children are the same age as these children, and I used to live a few hours away from Uvalde. I was deeply saddened by the loss these families will forever face.

Creating these portraits was the only way I knew how to cope with the sadness, confusion, and anger that I was feeling at the time; I literally wept as I created them.

It was heartbreaking to speak with the families, and at first I was worried that these portraits would be too hurtful for them to bear... but the families overwhelmingly told me that they brought a little light back to their lives.

It is encouraging to know that something as simple as a drawing can make someone feel better; and I guess that’s what art is for... knowing there is hope that a single person can help make a small difference in the world.
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Gifts for the families
Together with volunteers in the area, local television news stations, and the community church, I donated copies of the portraits to all of the families.