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Animal Super Powers is a brand-new exhibition from artist Sean Kenney (creator of the award-winning, record-breaking exhibition Nature Connects), that marvels at the mind-blowing and mysterious abilities of certain animal species. Featuring 15–20 awe-inspiring sculptures made from LEGO® bricks, Animal Super Powers showcases land-based, airborne, and aquatic creatures who have evolved to possess their very own “superpowers,” and invites guests to learn the science behind them.
From shapeshifting to super-strength; from defying gravity to regenerating limbs—the animal kingdom is teeming with real-life super powers, seemingly ripped straight from the pages of your favorite comic books! Combined with Kenney’s own astounding ability to create striking and expressive works of art using simple LEGO toys, the enormous, ambitious, and gravitydefying sculptures on display in Animal Super Powers are certain to encourage visitors of all ages to view their world in new ways. Chock-full of STEAM content—and complete with a LEGO brick hands-on play area—Animal Super Powers is a powerful experience that draws attention to nature and the unseen world around us.